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to bleed out from the inside [homeland] exhibition

 to bleed out from the inside [homeland] is a retrospective exhibition which showcases a collective body of work from multiple material investigations between 2020 and 2021. 

the body of work on display explores the notion of liminal space existing between presence and absence that attempts to be filled. it explores the fragility of the body and of home through an uncanny representation of memory, place, time and entity. a hybrid of positive and negative material forms, the work interrogates the unseen; seeking to connect the internal with the external. through this embodiment, phantoms are invited to come to life once more; reborn through a newly framed narrative.

september 2020 - may 2021: test space in studio 11 foyer, arts university plymouth, uk
18th may - 27th may 2021, project space one gallery, arts university plymouth, uk
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