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to build a home

digital film (5:01 mins) featuring the following sculptures: & objects 'phantom' (2021) - full size wooden chair, dried rose & gysophila; 'weight' (2021) - lace curtain, concrete; 'scar tissue' (2021) - child's fractured wooden chair, nails; 'sanctuary II' (2021) - bird cage, concrete; 'ghost' (2021) - cellular blanket, concrete; clay, candle, burnt photograph.


'to build a home' represents a liminal space between presence and absence that attempts to be filled. it explores the fragility of the body and of home through an uncanny representation of memory, place, time and entity. a hybrid of positive and negative material, the work interrogates the unseen; seeking to connect the internal with the external. through this embodiment, phantoms are invited to come to life once more; reborn through a newly framed narrative.

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