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paintings, drawings, prints & collages
all paintings are instinctual and process-led, capturing movement and prominent thought processes in the moments that they are performed. i utilise a range of techniques and materials and can work to a loose commissioned brief should there be a specific theme, colour scheme or similar that a client is looking for. available paintings will be marked as such and will be listed for sale via my online shop as they become available. if you like a particular painting that has already been sold, please contact me to discuss the possibility of producing something with similarities.
abandon | embodied action
an experimental work that was realised as a branch of the lacuna project. i used the canvas as a foundation for capturing embodied movements made prominent in response to the ancient remains of a 6000 year old human settlement of which i was situated. the painting was informed by my mindful and intuitive experience of my immediate surroundings, as well as memories and emotive responses triggered as a result. the painting is available to buy here.
location: grimspound - dartmoor national park
abstract expressionism painting
photograph of the finished painting.
oil, watercolour ink, acrylic, acrylic ink, water & sandpaper on canvas
a short film showing some of the process of creating the performative painting.
abstract expressionism painting
after the painting
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