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the old operating theatre, poltimore house, exeter, uk for poltimore art 2021
site-specific sculptural installation with audio (1:41 mins) featuring the following sculptures & objects: 'scar tissue' (2021) - child's fractured wooden chair, nails; 'sanctuary II' (2021) - bird cage, concrete; 'ghost' (2021) - cellular blanket, concrete; 'remember me' - latex, barbed wire, clay; 'backbone' (2020) - wax cast with pigment; jesmonite cast baby shoe & fragmented teddy bear from 'unearthed encounters' (2021) installation; mirror, oak table, magpie skull, dried butterfly, dried flowers.

a sculptural installation created in response to the preserved old operating theatre at poltimore house, exeter, uk. existing work was recontextualised through a process of experimental curation and engagement with the space. through research it was discovered that, amongst its abundant history, poltimore house was repurposed as a hospital in the summer of 1945, during which time the operating theatre was built on the grounds. works which were chosen to be featured within this installation emphasised the experience of the fragile human body in pain, with thoughts about the many lives that would have teetered on the edge within this space heavily influencing the final presentation of the work. 
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