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to bleed out from the inside [homeland] (2020)
part I
roots / rebirth 

bathtub, wood, plaster, water, lifetime print
stripped away from its familiar space within the typical domestic environment, the bathtub acts as an artefact alluding to a fragmented recollection of this notion. the vague imprint of my body within typical domestic building material transpires as a tangible objectification of time; referencing the emptiness posed by an abandoned dwelling.
the traces of past human interaction on the bathtub’s surface itself demonstrates the passage of time. the decision to acquire it from a previous owner represents the absence of specific nostalgia and attachment to the vessel itself. an often familiar but undesired response to a life spent ever-moving.
in the words of ivan illich: “the purity that water restores has a special connotation of freshness and transparency that transforms the innermost being. because of this, it is so associated with re-birth.” it is through this symbolism that the ephemerality of the liquid transforming into solid demonstrates a purifying and cleansing of the soul. the outcome representative of a juxtaposition between fragility and strength. a rebirth as my own creator. 
part II
a project which aims to consider the artist's body as an exploration of home and absence through the means of space and allusion. it seeks to connect the internal with the external through embodiment and materiality of the invisible. the act of working symbolically allows for the work itself to become a self-teaching tool, assisting with ongoing realisations of unconscious decisions when making.
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