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remember me

latex, barbed wire, clay, white chiffon curtain, wax, dried flower, candle, broken ceramic mug, mirror, dried rose petals, white cotton sheet


this installation incorporates symbolic concepts utilising made sculpture and found objects, representing a liminal space left by a lost connection. the work symbolises the experience of existing beyond a past version of self and the disorientation left by the memory of an absent person. it explores the paradoxes of passion and fear that often exist within a single boundary. the installation also took influence from a poem written by the artist in 2020 titled 'on longing':

she was never quite able to master the art of forgetting 

with every thought lingering on to the trace of each other’s existence 


the intertwining of hearts

and tears of loss


while he lives on barely able to remember the sound of her voice

the way she said his name


she is lost in the regret of how easy it was for him to make her forget

everything she had learned


you can’t measure love, she said

but you must try to forget that it exists here

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