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unearthed encounters

exhibition at studio 11, arts university plymouth, uk
wallpaper, wooden floorboards, oak table, glass, jesmonite, family relic objects, porcelain, framed photograph, broken ceramic sink, bricks, rotten wood, rubble, sand, ruderal plants, broken bird nest, old comb, fragmented audio (5:55 mins)

‘unearthed encounters’ embodies the experience of memory and place through a process of materialising the uncanny. the work brings together fragmented verbal recollections from within the artist’s family alongside the remains of sentimental objects, some cast and fractured, others in their primary form. it explores the frustration of the unspoken and the continuous process of both reuniting and dissociating with past memory; an in between space of remembering and forgetting.
audio (5:55 mins)
documentation of the set up
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